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Welcome to <Crucifixion>

<Crucifixion> was established in 2007 to offer WoW players something different. We plan to do the same, now! <Crucifixion> is starting its next chapter, and we are looking for the best to join us. Do you feel like enjoying end-game content with a community focused on one goal, and that is being the best? Do you desire to be the best, but have not been given the chance?

If you ask yourself these questions, then <Crucifixion> is the place for you! We have started our recruitment process looking for the right members to enjoy a long-lasting relationship with us. We are looking for people who take themselves and the game seriously. <Crucifixion> wants to be the game changer, plain and simple. Will you be one who will join us, and pave the way to being one of the top guilds on the server?

I, Guild Master Hecktor, welcome you to the first step in becoming legendary. I am eager to hear from you, and see if you have what it takes. Feel you do? Prove it, and apply!